Vasso Galati



Vasso Galati was born in April in sunny Athens, Greece. Whishing to express the Greek Nature, the aura of the blue sea and the warm beauty of the sunshine, she started her own handmade jewelry business in 1997. Her team today comprises of 15 artists creating jewelry made of silver, gold and precious stones, combining the colors playfully of the sea and the sun with pearls, corals, turquoise....

Her pieces are made from sterling silver, copper or gold-plated silver wire woved together with a special thread, which helps the jewels to be flexible and 'sturdy-strong'. The buttons are made of gold or silver-plated bronze.

"Silver and gold, precious stones, corals and pearls,
bound with beautiful threads and leather,
creating a plαyful game with colors - jewelry.
Playing with the sea, playing with the sky,
Shadowing the brown earth..."
Vasso Galati